Take a journey through Manley Wine Estate’s collection of exceptional wines and experience the character that epitomizes Tulbagh Valley. Meticulously crafted and passionately created, our wines speak volumes, echoing our respect for the terroir and our commitment to quality.

Sustainable, organic farming defines our vineyards, nestled at the foot of the magnificent Winterhoek Mountains. The perfect climate of the Tulbagh Valley and soils results in grapes with a distinct character unparalleled.

For the red wine lover, the artistry of winemaking meets the richness that is our land. Velvety, smooth Merlots to robust, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignons – each bottle tells the story of our vines, innovative viticulture with a respect for tradition, and hands-on, tender loving care that crafted each bottle in your hand.

Alternatively, delve into the crispness of our white wines, where vibrant fruit characters are displayed generously, from a palate pleasing Sauvignon Blanc, an elegant Chardonnay to the aromatic tones of our much loved Chenin Blanc.

A smorgasbord of varietals, our signature blends provide you a delectable invitation to our valley. A true symphony of all we produce in the Estate of Manley, a lingering, memorable experience on the palate of you, our guest.

Which wine to choose? A tasting in our tasting room will guide you – our knowledgeable staff pointing you in the direction of our wines with unforgettable tales in each bottle. A connoisseur of many years, or just dipping a toe – our tastings offer everyone an invitation to explore the diversity of profiles our wines hold.

As you taste the complexities that are Manley wines, one begins to understand that passion, tradition and innovation should not and cannot sit in isolation. Walk the road with us and discover the remarkable vibrancy defining Tulbagh Valley. Join our family at Manley wines and raise a glass to the art of winemaking – and as in all things Manley, may it be a beautiful journey.