Relax and unwind in the comforts of the accommodation at Manley Wine Estate, where every stay is an escape to tranquility and charming relaxation in the heart of the Tulbagh Valley.

Surrounded by vineyards and framed by the Winterhoek mountains, the different accommodation options on the wine estate mix modern refinement with a touch of rustic elegance and each room becomes a sanctuary of comfort where good taste reigns, adorned with unmatched views that bring the spectacular scenery right indoors.

Guests can choose between a number of well-appointed rooms, ensuring a tailored experience in the lap of comfort. Wake up to the gentle symphony of the vineyards and the promise of a new day, as you wake up in wine country. Whether you choose one of the cosy rooms in the main farmhouse, or a more private cottage surrounded by your own private vines, declensions include the perfect backdrop to sweet escape.

On top of absolute comfort, the accommodation at Manley Wine Estate takes makes the perfect base to bask in the scenic beauty of the estate, making your way between the vineyards, delighting in the garden or simply doing nothing on your own private terrace, absorbing the peace that runs thick in the veins of the Manor itself. Whether you are in need of a romantic interlude, a weekend of solace or a restorative retreat, the accommodation at Manley Wine Estate offers a sweet escape, a haven of invigorating comfort. Come indulge in a taste of comfort, hospitality and the natural beauty of the Tulbagh Valley.