Venue Hire Terms and Conditions

By booking your Wedding or Function at Manley Wine Lodge, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:

Venue Availability and Hours

  • The client will have venue availability the day prior to the function for decor setup from 08H00 until 17H00
  • Venue availability on the day of the function from 08H00 until 24H00 promptly
  • Function operation and service staff availability for ten consecutive hours from 14H00 until 24H00

Confirming your Venue Booking

  • To secure your booking and function date we require a 50% non-refundable deposit of the venue hire total.
  • This venue deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your wedding at Manley Wine Lodge.
  • A breakage deposit of R3 000.00 will be required for any breakages that might occur.
  • The full amount will be refunded within three days after your function should there not be any breakages. If there are breakages, the cost will be deducted accordingly and only the balance will be refunded.
  • Reservations must be confirmed in writing
  • All contracts must be signed and each page initialed and emailed back to [email protected]
  • The date will only be confirmed as formally booked once the deposit is cleared in our bank account.
  • The final invoice is payable 60 days prior to your function and must include the outstanding venue hire balance, all staff wages (waiters, barmen, dishwashers, and venue/banqueting manager) and the breakage deposit of R3 000.00.

Bar Facility

  •  A service fee of R1 000.00 will be charged to handle a cash bar at your wedding or function.
  • The cash bar will be available throughout the function until 23H30 when the last rounds will be called before the venue closes at 24H00.
  • If you prefer to have an open bar, please arrange with us in advance. The bar account must be settled on the night of the function.

Manley Wines and Corkage

  • Manley Wine Lodge has a selection of red wines available for functions at a discounted fee. We do not allow any other red wines onto the premises.
  • You are welcome to provide your own white wines and champagne at no additional corkage charge since Manley Wine Lodge does not produce or supply any white wine or bubbly.
  • No other alcoholic beverages, cold drinks, or liquor will be allowed on the property.

Function Staff and Staff Fees

  • Manley function staff is compulsory to your venue hire and not included in the venue hire fee.
  • All staff as indicated below will be on the premises as from 14H00 up until 24H00, which is a ten-hour shift on the day of your function.
  • Staff quantities and workings hours are non-negotiable, as we have found it to be the most efficient.

Costs of the function staff will depend on the number of guests you have:

  • Waiters: One waiter is required for every 20 guests for buffet service OR one per every 10 guests for plated service at R600.00 per waiter per 10-hour shift
  • Barmen: One barman is required for every 50 guests at R600.00 per barman per 10-hour shift
  • Dishwashers: One dishwasher/cleaner is required for every 30 guests at R600.00 per dishwasher/cleaner per 10-hour shift
  • Venue and Banqueting Manager: Our venue manager will be present on the day prior to the function to assist with any enquiries and last minute requirements and will be present on the day of the function to act as the banqueting manager and event coordinator during function hours, at R3500.00 once-off.

Overtime Fees

  • An overtime venue hire fee of R2000.00 per hour is applicable if your function continues after 24H00.
  • The venue and banqueting manager must please be notified by no later than 22H00 on the night of the function if the function holder is planning on exceeding the normal function hours.
  • The final bar round will strictly be at 01H30 as the bar may legally operate only until 02H00, at which time the venue will close.
  • The overtime staff fee is R100.00 per hour per staff member for all service staff.
  • Overtime fees will be invoiced within three days after the function and are payable within seven days after receipt.


  • Manley Wine Lodge offers seven luxury double rooms and two four sleeper cottages, sleeping 22 guests in total.
  • We do require that you book all the accommodation for the night of the wedding.
  • If you choose to book two nights we will provide you with a 10% discount.
  • All accommodation includes breakfast at our restaurant on-premises.
  • If extra guests from other surrounding establishments would like to join you and your guests for breakfast, a special rate of R85.00 per person will be applicable. Please arrange your guest totals with our restaurant at least four days prior.


  • Unfortunately, no outside catering is allowed.
  • We have a restaurant on the premises at Manley Wine Lodge that also provides exclusive professional catering services for our weddings and functions.
  • For all your catering requirements and personalized custom menu options, please contact the chef and restaurant owner Ria Cronjé directly at +27 (0)83 748 4444 or send an email to [email protected]
  • Halaal catering and/or special menu or dietary requirements will be outsourced by the catering company as necessary and may affect the cost.


  • All fees are including VAT unless stated otherwise.
  • Items that are included in the venue hire fee that is not used by the function holder cannot be deducted from the venue hire fee or the total invoice, and cannot be swapped out for different items from a local supplier.
  • We will need your final guest numbers no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to your function day.
  • We require that you set up the day before the function between 08H00 and 17H00.
  • All candles, flowers, décor, and personal items must be removed from the venue by no later than 12H00 the following morning after the function.
  • No open fires, flares, lanterns, sky lanterns, sparklers, or anything that can create a fire risk are allowed.
  • No confetti canons will be allowed.  Please only use eco-friendly and biodegradable confetti, such as flower petals, dried leaves, wild bird seed, popcorn, etc.
  • Manley Wine Lodge has a permanently installed power generator than is available at the additional cost of R500.00 per hour to the function holder’s account in case of scheduled Eskom load shedding.


  • Management and staff will take precautions for the safety of your personal items and equipment. We will, however not take responsibility for any damage and loss of any personal items or equipment, rented or otherwise.
  • Manley Wine Lodge reserves the full right of admission at all times and accepts no liability for any loss or damage experienced by guests that may result from the legal and reasonable exercising of such rights.
  • Manley Wine Lodge takes no responsibility, financially or otherwise, for the malfunctioning of any equipment rented in by the function holder or provided by any subcontractors or other function service providers.
  • The function holder indemnifies Manley Wine Lodge and all its employees and subcontractors for any claims for damages, injury, or loss by any person(s), including its guests, arising out of the function held at the premises.

Cancellation Policy

  • The venue hire deposit is non-refundable in the case of cancellation by the function holder for whatever reason, including force majeure.
  • Manley Wine Lodge reserves the right to cancel the function if full payment of the final invoice had not been received 60 days prior to the function.
  • All cancellations must be confirmed in writing.